We believe that the path to nation-building starts within us. 

Through Pinoy Catalyst, it is our hope that more Filipinos will be inspired to make changes even in simple ways
because when individual catalysts come together, a speedy and massive progress can be expected.

With an array of non-profit organizations, social enterprises, civil society organizations and private groups and individuals
coming up with various initiatives to aid our fellow Filipinos and support the development of the country,
it is time to take a more collaborative approach to development.

Find a cause you want to support
Discover organizations you want to be part of
Know the people you want to work with

Take action. Inspire change.
Be a Pinoy Catalyst. 



What is Pinoy Catalyst?

Pinoy Catalyst is an online magazine oriented towards the Philippine development sector,  aiming to inspire Filipinos to take action and be part of nation-building.

Pinoy Catalyst envisions a more critical and collaborative citizenry that actively participates in nation-building.

Pinoy Catalyst aims to provide a platform for a more cohesive and accessible development sector.

What does Pinoy Catalyst do?

Pinoy Catalyst:

  • Furnishes an extensive directory to finding causes you want to support, organizations you want to be part of,
    and the individuals or groups you may want to work with;
  • Provides information relevant to the development of the country and the Filipino people;
  • Highlights advocacies, campaigns and programs of various groups and individuals;
  • Shares news, stories and events relevant to the country’s progress;
  • Holds and participates in events and activities that contribute to nation-building.

Who is a Pinoy Catalyst?

A Pinoy Catalyst is one who is proactive in creating solutions for the problems Filipinos are facing. A Pinoy Catalyst believes that s/he has the ability to contribute to a better society.
S/He genuinely cares about the Philippines and its people, and willingly takes part in nation-building, even in simple ways. S/He engages in conversations, finds solutions, opens oneself to collaboration, initiates projects and explores ways to contribute in building the Filipino nation.

Why should you check out Pinoy Catalyst?

You are looking for...

volunteer and/or internship opportunities
a space to share advocacies, campaigns, projects and programs
a cause to support
people you want to work with

You want to... 

be heard
be updated on the latest happenings in the Philippine development sector
contribute to the development of one's community and country
find and create opportunities


You want to become a Pinoy Catalyst

the team

Finding themselves heartbroken in the midst of establishing themselves on their own career paths, two millennials whose mantra has always been #ParasaBayan (for the country) re-channelled their energies and passion to creating and doing work for the country and their people.  Armed with misery (an ultimate creative currency), passion, optimism and skills, they pooled in idealistic, creative individuals who share the same #hugot. After all, love is an energy meant to be shared.

They believe that with genuine care, affection, and understanding, the illnesses of society will be healed through collective effort. With optimism, hardwork, and collaboration, all of us can build a better, healthier and progressive nation.

Again, #ParaSaBayan.