The #GreenerMNL Movement: An Initiative to Seed the Difference by MNLGrowkits and Plöntur

Nina Torralba

The #GreenerMNL Movement is an advocacy by MNL Growkits and Plöntur that promotes environmental sustainability by orienting today’s millennial lifestyle with agriculture. Through a series of launch events in the last week of October 2016, the movement is set to present several online and offline initiatives that aim to create noise and promote involvement, one plant at a time.

Erick, Jess, and Carlo of Plontur and MNLGrowkits

Erick, Jess, and Carlo of Plontur and MNLGrowkits

Jess Lauchengco-Lim and Carlo Sumaoang of the Ateneo Graduate School of Business began the #GreenerMNL Movement through conversations on agriculture in the urban setting, particularly in terms of the fast paced, highly tech-savvy lifestyle of millennials. Social media then became the platform with which the movement sends the message to “seed the difference”, a message spread further by a team of influential online personalities of different lifestyles, the Green Movers. The Green Movers are Team SinoPinas for Travel Photography and Tourism, Reese Lansangan for Music, Alessa Lanot for Arts and Design, PJ Lanot for Motivational Movement and Entrepreneurship, Rod Marmol for Literature, and Jacob Sarreal for Mountaineering.

The movement further grew upon collaborations with Erick Yambao of Plöntur, a growing outdoor design-solutions company driven by passionate, professional designers and builders from different fields, forged by the same vision of creating a world with thriving, beautiful, well-designed, well-built and sustainable living spaces. With Plöntur, the movement has come to greenify unconventional green places in the concrete jungle of Metro Manila, spreading its message further with a new way of looking at landscapes.

Launch events and promos from October 27 to 30, 2016 mark the start of greenifying different places around Metro Manila, along with other activities that will allow people to get involved with #GreenerMNL Movement. The greenifying initiative begins in Primal Ape CrossFit, Bambike Revolution Cycles, Yardstick Coffee, and Ford EDSA – Greenhills, with mini planting workshops to be held in Bambike Revolution Cycles and Yardstick Coffee; growkits to be given away in Bambike Revolution Cycles, Yardstick Coffee, and Ford EDSA – Greenhills (during the #GreenerMNL period); and infused water from growkits to be served at the Primal Ape CrossFit Halloween Party.

Designs for the Primal Ape CrossFit lobby

Designs for the Primal Ape CrossFit lobby

In addition to participating in these events and activities, new Uber users can also be part of #GreenerMNL by using the “GreenerMNL” promo code to avail of P200 off in Uberpool, Uberx and Uberhop rides, valid for 1 trip for new users.

Online, people can get involved by using the hashtag #GreenerMNL in a public post. For every post with #GreenerMNL, 50 grams of organic fertilizer will be contributed to a collective fund that will be donated to Tsaa Laya Mint Farmers in Kiangan, Ifugao. Invigorating the limited industry of mint farming will lead to the productive use and conservation of abandoned rice terraces as world heritage sites, as well as to the growth of the small community of farmers in Ifugao.

The MNLGrowkits Team and collaborative brands are gearing towards a long-term partnership for a #GreenerMNL, in a synergized initiative with goals to make a positive and lasting impact in this age and time.
The life of every Filipino is deeply rooted in agriculture. It is part of our cultural identity, a source of countless daily goods, and an industry which comprises nearly a third of the local labor force (Philippine Statistics Authority, 2016). It is important today more than ever to transcend agriculture as we know it, through the collective effort of every millennial towards lasting positive change.

The #GreenerMNL Movement is made possible with following partners: Plöntur, Discover MNL, Coconuts Manila, Ford Edsa, Vivo Lumio, Primal Ape Crossfit, Yardstick Coffee, Novatech, Lechuza Philippines, Uber, Bambike Revolution Cycles and Pinoy Catalyst.

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