Never Forget: 45 Years Later

Martial Law Anniversary


History repeats itself to those who refuse to remember. 

Once there was a young father who weaved words for a living. So intricate were they that he was able to spin a webful of lies. Until he didn't. And he paid a hefty price for biting the hand that fed him. 

Once there was a bright young woman whose eyes shine with passion and gusto.Until the armed men decided to desecrate and break her, leaving her with eyes dulled. 

Once there was a family, whose opulence is unprecedented. 

Once there was a family. They were part of the 70,000 people imprisoned, 34,000 tortures, and 3,240 killed.

45 years ago, late former President Ferdinand Marcos placed the country under military rule. Human rights were violated. Freedom of expression was compromised. 

Today, amidst extrajudicial killings, and the death of young men for reasons unknown, the existence of the Commission on Human Rights itself is being questioned and placed under close scrutiny of policy makers, the legislators, even the government itself. 

Since Mindanao was placed under martial law over three months ago, a dark cloud has been looming over the country for those who fear another round of martial rule. 

Up to this very day, the ghosts of the past haunt us. 

Will we succumb to fear? 

Never again. 

History repeats itself to those who refuse to remember.